Who’s Your YA Boyfriend?

I thought today might be a fun day to do something a little different. Not a review and not a meme but still definitely book related. I want to encourage everyone to head over to Pop Sugar and find out Who is Your YA Boyfriend?

I love doing these quizzes even though I never end up with who I thought I would get. TO help kick things off I’ll post who my YA bf is:

Edward Cullen

You’ve got a flair for the dramatic and can be hot and cold depending on the day. You love the idea of an epic romance, and you need someone like Edward Cullen to play his part in your story. If Twilight is any proof, then you’ve found the guy to do it. You’re cool with being the center of attention (you kind of love it), yet despite the ups and downs of your relationships, you tend to make pretty much everyone fall in love with you by just being yourself. What’s your secret?

This result makes me chuckle immensely because I have never read or seen any of the Twilight saga. I’m kind of ok with it though because I do like Robert so I’ll take it. In case you’re wondering I was hoping for Peeta I love the boy with the bread.

So go on take the quiz (you know you want to) and let me know who your bf is




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