I’m Back!

So after a totally unexpected break from the blog I am back. I wanted to pursue a career change outside of retail management and went into childcare and wow that is not the field from me. Somehow being with kids kept away from my own son more than the crazy world of retail. Plus the days were long and I was too exhausted to read much less blog. But I am happy to say after taking some time off due to an unexpected illness I am back to my crazy retail job and ready to read. Without further ado, here are the reviews you can expect to see in the next month:


This is the first book I’ll be reviewing since I’ve already finished it (read it twice actually….there’s not much to do in the hospital and this book definitely required a second read through.)


I am currently racing through this book. I have become obsessed. I cannot wait to finish this and then devour the sequel and the novellas. This is a really captivating tale and even though I’m not done it with I am definitely recommending it to anyone who hasn’t picked it up yet.


I just ordered this through Barnes and Noble they’re having a sale on select teen books get 3 for $30 and I’ve heard too many awesome things about this to not pick it up. I’m hoping this one arrives on Thursday.

The Siren

This was also part of my big order from BN.com mainly due to my intense love of the cover hahaha

I'll Give You the Sun

This was my last book from the order and I figured I needed some contemporary fiction to balance out my heavy load of fantasy.

So, those are my goal books to have read and reviewed by May 26. Also I would look to get hands on a copy of The Crown’s Game because that just looks to amazing not to read the minute it comes out (which is May 17th for anyone who doesn’t know hehehe).

Please check back soon for my review of Wink Poppy Midnight.