Cover War Wednesday

So this super unique and fun meme comes from Mariana over at Book is Glee. The idea of this meme is to compare different covers of the same book and pick out a winner. For my first Cover War I am going to use The Selection  by Kiera Cass.


This cover can be summed up in one word. GORGEOUS. I love the subtle differences in the blue where the dress in the front is almost a sky blue and the ones in the back look a little more teal. Plus I love that the cover model is wearing what appears to be very little makeup since America is all about remaining true to herself. So overall I love love love this cover.

Romanian Selection

Here is the Romanian cover. And this is definitely a WOW cover. I’m pretty sure I understand the reference to the red dress but I don’t love it. For me the dress is too blah and the model looks too old to be America. However, I do love the font it is so quirky and the crown looking image is really cool as well.

The Winner

Without a doubt I have to give this one to the US version. I love the blue dress and the look of the model. I think it captures America’s look and suits the story perfectly.

Which cover was your favorite?



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