Cover War Wednesday

Have you ever wish that the beautiful UK cover would sell here, or you wish you are a fluently Italian speaker so you can take the exotic looking Italian book/cover home? Or have you ever thank God for your own pretty cover while others have covers that you have to sigh in sympathy for them? Well, at least I have.

So, you could say this is just a small weekly meme where I held “competitions” between covers.Usually between different publishers, editions, or countries. Let the war begin!

This wonderful meme is hosted by Book is Glee

This week my cover war is going to be between editions of one of my favorite books ever, Stardust by Neil Gaiman. This is one of the first books I picked up that really got me into reading right before high school. And I have since devoured just about everything MR. Gaiman has written since then.

Without further ado here is the first cover:

Stardust US.jpg

So this cover is really interesting because it looks more scholarly then the other covers I’ve seen for this book. With the fancy quote and the pretty flowers it reminds me of a Norton edition even though it isn’t. I like the contrast of the blue and the tan it’s very pleasing to the eye. My only beef is that it doesn’t do much to show what the story is.

Option 2:


Unlike the first cover this one depicts a direct scene from the book. I really like the contrast of colors and this looks more like a children’s version of the book. This is definitely a cover I would expect to see on a MG book but I like it nonethless.

This is tough buuuuuut I think I like cover 2 the best. I love when covers really speak to the words inside the book and the first one just didn’t do that for me. Like I said the first one made me think of a Norton cover and if I’m just a casual reader I think I would be turned off. Even though the second option is a bit more child-like I think it depicts the fairy tale quality of the story nicely. 


2 thoughts on “Cover War Wednesday

  1. Absolutely agree with you on the first book cover! It does look fabulously amazing!! ❤ I really enjoy Neil Gaiman's writing too, but I don't think I've ever picked this book up yet (shame of me XD ) Thanks for the recommendation!


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