Where Have I Been??

Hi everyone! I just want to take some time to apologize for disappearing and let everyone know that I have not abandoned the blog and I do plan on returning full-force!

So the latter half of the year has been pretty crazy in terms of my personal and professional life. I moved to a new a state, found a new job in something I’ve never done before, ended a long-term relationship, started a new relationship and basically for the first time feel like I’m really trying to do the whole adulting thing.

So the move was a much bigger life-changer than I expected. I wasn’t really crazy about moving I like being close to family and there was a certain level of comfort I had with everything. But my ex was eager to get out on our own and I can’t lie I really did love the idea of not having to live in a basement. So we took the plunge and found a place to rent. I was having a lot more trouble than I expected on the job front but we had moved to a rather touristy place so I tried my hand at getting a hotel job. Lo and behold I now found myself working at the front desk of a Marriott. The hours are crazy (someone does have to be at the front desk around the clock) and it’s a totally different atmosphere but I’m enjoying it and figure you can never go wrong learning new skills, right?

The relationship stuff I’ll just gloss over but basically we broke up I decided to stay and he moved back home. I couldn’t afford the place so I moved closer to the job where I can still barely afford it hahaha.

Overall 2016 has just been a crazy unexpected year. I haven’t read nearly as much as I normally do but as we get closer to 2017 one of my goals for the year is to get back to being me. I’m going to be updating my reading challenge page and really just focus on getting back into this great blogging world.

What are your reading goals for the new year? Any suggestions for a book to get me back into reading?


Thank you everyone!




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