Blog Goals

I am most definitely a goal-oriented person and it’s much easier to hold myself accountable if I write my goals down so that’s exactly what I’m going to do and then hopefully between writing them down and having you guys now them I’ll be able to accomplish them.

1. Maintain a Blogging Schedule
Consistency is key and I think I’ll be able to better achieve my other goals if I establish a schedule. The one I’m testing out this week is as follows:

Sunday:  Sunday Post
Monday:  Review
Tuesday:  Top 10 Tuesday
Wednesday:  Top 5 Wednesday
Thursday:  Review
Friday:  Book-ish Post/Discussion
Saturday:  Style Saturday

2.  Utilize GoodReads
I need to use the shelves more and stay more up-to-date with posting my reviews there. I also want to join a group but it seems a bit overwhelming with all the choices. If anyone is part of one they really like please let me know so I can check it out.

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3.  Create Blog Branding
I should be starting a full-time job in a couple weeks (fingers crossed) s my plan is to buy my blog and create more custom branding. I’m lucky to have a friend who does graphic design so I’m going to meet with her and create some logos and such. I also want to go through and settle on a layout for all my reviews.

4.  Bloglovin’
I have no idea how to use this to generate followers but I’m determined. So if anyone has tips on that I would be eternally grateful.

5.  Twitter and Instagram
Take the time to set up both of these accounts and again utilize it for more promotion and to help gain followers and find new blogging friends.

6.  Take Notes
While reading I want to spend more time jotting things down like quotes and discussion points to make the posts more interesting and generate talk.

7.  Find More Blogs
Always looking for more friends and blogs outside the literary world so feel free to leave me some links to your favorite blogs.

8.  Add Something Beyond Reviews and Memes
I’m not sure if this will be in the form of discussion posts or maybe reading challenges I haven’t quite figured it out but I’m open to suggestions.

9.  Utilize a Planner
It goes hand-in-hand with my goal-oriented personality and that would be a planner. I have a small one that I haven’t been using so I decided to set it up for my blog. I’m using the calendar to track my posts, I have a note section set up to jot down key things from the books I’m reading, a list of my most current and pressing TBR, and I ordered a tracker so that I can keep track of my social media followers

10.  Be A More Open-Minded Reader
I love my teen/young adult reads but I tend to get stuck in the world of fantasy/adventure and I feel like I miss out on a lot of great authors so I’m aiming to read more contemporary/romance/mystery.

So there you have it my goals for half-way through the year. Is anyone else examining their blogging goals at this point?